There's Space Here For You

One of the things I pray most here is that this space would become a hub for people to share in one another's stories. Life and loss are worth sharing about and most importantly, your story matters. Your loved ones matter. What burdens your heart matters.
So to that I say: welcome! There's space here for you!
Its taken a majority of the last two years for me to finally recognize my heart's need to hold space for grief and not shove it away. Which is saying a lot for someone who has a high need to process every little thing. After all grieving, it's a necessary part of the healing process isn't it? It can be hard to see that when you're in the thick of your days, wishing it away. 
More importantly, its taken almost two years for me to allow myself to be received as I am. Not polished, but raw. As I am, not as who I wish to be. Whoever you are and wherever you are, I pray you find comfort in the middle of your season and/or what may grieve your heart. It doesn't have to be "life changing" - it all matters. The important part is knowing that there is space for you. Space for your process, not manicured or perfected. I'm glad you're here.
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