Hi! I'm Anna Lise and this is my husband, Hayden.
Together we have two living daughters, Aaliyah and Finley and our son Amos, whom joined Heaven in 2019. You can read more about his story here. Our family of five and the story we share is the “why” behind this business. In grief, we also share joy and celebration each day as we put one foot forward. We are here to share that very same joy and hope that has been given to us.
On the road of navigating diagnosis after diagnosis with our son, and child loss soon after, I have learned that there are many families like our family that have experienced their own road similar to ours. Lillard Co has been birthed as a creative outlet while healing and giving back while doing so. I live to tell stories and share in that with others; it’s my hope that when someone wears something from Lillard Co, they know that they are carrying not only our family's story, but other's as well. 
Sending you love,
the Lillard fam