Amos's Story

Our world was flipped upside down and hasn't looked the same since the day that our second born, Amos, was diagnosed in utero at 18 weeks with severe genetic anomalies. After many ultrasounds and a MRI, we learned that our precious boy would be born with a right sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (otherwise known as CDH) and was given a very small chance to live. This was only the beginning of his journey. After many meetings with our medical teams, we packed up our lives to move to Houston, TX where we would receive the adequate care that Amos would need during his life.
Amos was born on April 17, 2019. Upon his birth, we also learned that he had Cornelia De Lange Syndrome (CDLS). Our sweet boy lived for five full, miracle filled months until he joined the arms of Jesus on September 24, 2019. There isn't a single hour that goes by that our Amos isn't carried in our hearts or missed. We are forever grateful for the place he holds in our family and bring up his name often. We will continue to build our life with him as a part of it and are grateful to be his family.