Our Heart

On our son’s first birthday, we were asked what we wanted to remember his life. From out of my sorrow, all I could muster up to ask for were white roses.
Through the profound outpouring of love and support, our community showed up as a parade of cars flooding the street, handing us roses one by one through the window. I will never forget the feeling that came as I watched each car turning a corner, one by one, eventually filling the street beyond what I could see. There were signs that said "You are loved" and "we love you Amos!" 
All in all, we walked away with 300+ roses. Healing sobs soaked my face as I walked away with a burning determination to show love in action to someone someday the same way that our family was shown that day.
The centerpiece which I have created Lillard Co around is this moment; the heart to give back. Through Lillard Co, we work with local organizations to bless and donate to those who are navigating a prognosis or child loss. A portion of each month’s sales will be collected to send to these families and/or nonprofits that benefit these families directly. 
If you have an idea of how you can get involved or would like to know more about our giving back, please feel free to email info@lillardco.com.